О компании

Sea Agro Trade company, engaged in trading and brokering of agriculture products and also providing the service of vessel chartering.

Our company works with suppliers from variety of regions of Russian Federation with the goal to offer them the best purchase price, convenient workflow and way of payment, automobile and railway means of transport to deliver cargo to its destination safely and in time. Products of Sea Agro Trade are the following: wheat, corn, barley, leguminous crops and oilseeds. We are the suppliers who is able to provide the customers with quantity 3.000-5.000 tons at the ports Rostov/Azov and huge quantities at the Novorossiysk port, because Sea Agro Trade is the commodity which works with all hugest grain plants in Russian Federation. Our main target is to provide our clients with quality and acceptable prices according to the World Agro Market.Our company provides customers with a full package of documents, which include all the necessary certificates and declarations. Sea Agro Trade are ready to provide the products on the bases FOB, CIF, CFR to any port of Azov sea, Black sea and Medeterian States. Our hallmark is the availability of products with any specification, with the ability to provide the favorable prices to customers. We hereby confirm with the full and legal corporate responsibility and under the penalty perjury that we are ready to take the responsibility for the quality and delivery of all goods. Our company works with leading Russian banks, which in turn are proved guarantee of our professionalism an transparency in business.

If you are also interested in cooperation contact us, we will provide you with full information about the products, logistics and prices. I truly believe that our possible cooperation will be very successful and profitable for us. Do not hesitate to contact with our team at any convenient time for you!

Thank you for your time !

Sea Agro Trade создана для долгосрочных и стабильных отношений с фермерами.


По данным журнала «Эксперт», Sea Agro Trade - одна из самых быстрорастущих компаний на юге России в своем сегменте.


Компания регулярно принимает участие в важнейших аграрных мероприятиях, выставках, форумах и круглых столах по приглашению СМИ.

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